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  • The Problem

    Software in the Oil and Gas Industry is decades behind.

    Unorganized Data

    The majority of Oil and Gas lease information remains in paper format. As assets change hands and operators come and go, this information can get lost in the transfer of documents, stuck forever in a black hole of filing cabinets, manila folders, and closet space. Without a way to easily find, access, and view these documents, they become useless.

    Lost Revenue

    Mineral, royalty, and non-op working interest owners often get the short end of the stick. They cash checks from operators and often just hope they are getting paid the correct amount. Due to the complexity and lack of insight into the data, verifying that payments are accurate is a difficult task, without which millions of dollars are lost.

    Lack of Complete Lease Information

    Lease documents are complex and operators and mineral owners often struggle to understand and track all of the nuances of a lease agreement. When these agreements are misunderstood or are not entirely clear, Oil and Gas companies run the risk of losing leases by not understanding when the lease expires and the specific related contingencies.

  • Our Solutions

    We have developed innovative, intuitive, and comprehensive solutions to solve these problems.

    Mineral Trust

    An interactive platform to store and link all your data

    Our premier product is a comprehensive platform for all of your well data. Our platforms allows you to view an interactive map of assets, look at scanned versions of your lease agreements, create baskets of assets to further understand your position, and accurately ensure that everything you own is in order and accounted for.

    Active Receipts

    Match land and revenue data to make sure you are getting paid

    Our active receipts program matches land data and revenue data. By tying these two pieces of information together, Oil and Gas companies are able to understand if they are getting all of the revenue that they are promised per their agreements.

    Digital Lease Review

    Advanced technology to know exactly what is in your leases

    Our proprietary machine learning algorithm reviews your leases for discrepancies. Our team of talented and detail-oriented lease analysts then pore over these findings to help you better understand when your leases expire and other discrepancies in the documents

  • Leadership

    We are a young and motivated team ready to tackle these problems head on! We have brought together the best engineers and entrepreneurs to solve your every need. We look forward to working with you.

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